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Integrity Management Program Support

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Hydrostatic Testing

Select Pipeline Service performs DOT compliance hydrostatic test for the pipeline industry.


With each hydro test we provide a state of the art Hydro Test Trailer with Calibrated Deadweights and Chart Recorders as well as all the necessary equipment needed to meet hydro test standards. All certified test are reviewed and stamped by a third party Registered Professional Engineer. 

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Pipeline Cleaning

  • SPS provides both on-line and off-line cleaning services to utilize chemical cleaning and/or mechanical methods, whichever best fits the client’s needs. 

  • We obtain a sample from the operator, then tailor the chemical we use to assist in removing the debris from the pipeline walls.


Pipeline Drying

It is common practice for the pipeline to be dried after the pressure test before it is put into operation. This involves pigging and dry air.  The process of running pigs and dry air through the pipeline is continued until the desired dew point.  Air Drying and Nitrogen Packing Drying are the 2 methods of drying the pipeline commonly used. 

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